MiSTer Analog IO Board v6.1


The MiSTer FPGA Analog io board v6.1 includes the following useful features a VGA (DB15) connector allowing for the output of a VGA/RGB /YPbPr signal depending on the cable being used, a 3.5mm audio jack with Mini-TOSLINK providing analog audio output and digital audio output, a secondary microD card slot the functionality depends upon the core being used, a fan speed control providing a 3.3 volt / 5 volt selector jumper, a status LED control jumper allowing switching on or off the built in LEDs, a Sync-on-Green switch, three status LEDs (red, yellow, green), three large push buttons providing system reset, on screen display menu and game reset, an expansion connector in the form of a USB 3.0 connector however this is not for standard USB devices. ALL OUR MiSTer BOARDS COME WITH A LIFETIME WARRANTY!