ZX Spectrum 16/48K (rubber key) Repair



ZX Spectrum 48K (rubber key) repair

(48K rubber key models only)

On receipt of the unit we will perform an initial inspection and basic tests, as well as run a Diagnostic ROM test. Any issues will be reported back.

Repair includes:

  • Replacement of electrolytic capacitors with new Vishays. These are high quality to ensure they will last for many years and have a similar blue colouring to the originals.
  • Addition of ULA heatsink (removal of ULA socket and soldering of ULA directly to the motherboard) – we will check if required as you may prefer it to look original, or if a TRACO is added then not required.
  • Full diagnostic ROM check, keyboard test, soak test for minimum of 1 hour and game load and play test.

We will also complete the composite AV mod on request.

Included (if required):

  • Z80 CPU. New Zilog replacement.
  • RAM (2 lower and/or upper replacement chips included, if more required we will contact to discuss options)
  • Any resistors and transistors
  • Voltage Regulator. Standard 7805 replacement

Additional items – will be advised if required and options discussed. We will source at prices below but you are also welcome to source and supply yourself if preferred.

  • £9 New keyboard membrane (often needed but we will advise on receipt
  • £14 ROM – replacement original
  • £POA ULA replacement – either original or replacement (e.g. Nebula/vLA)
  • £6.25 Traco power regulator

Refurbishment of any cosmetic issues or thorough clean are not included. You may want to consider our separate refurbishment, or combined repair and refurbishment services.

We aim for max 4-6 weeks turn-around time but will keep you advised of progress and any potential delays. This will depend on demand and other factors and please bear with us in busy periods.

Once you have purchased this item we will be in contact with details for delivery of the unit to us and any additional information.

Postage costs are for return to you on completion and do not include initial despatch to us.


Retro Revival is a hobby business that I run in my part time because I enjoy restoring these computers and bringing the joy of the ZX Spectrum back to those who don’t have the skills or time themselves. I don’t make large profits and am unable to offer the sort of warranty you are likely to get on new items. In addition, due to the age of these computers, there is a larger risk of component failure than with new parts.

On units that I have repaired I offer a limited warranty, that in the event of any failure (other than cosmetic), I will repair free of any labour costs for at least a year from date of purchase. This does not include the cost of shipping (both ways) and any additional parts required.

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