vLA81 ZX81 ULA replacement


vLA81 : ZX81 ULA replacement

The vLA81 is a modern plugin replacement for the ZX81 ULA.

These are new ULA replacements created and manufactured by Charlie Ingley. He sells these direct, but due to being located in New Zealand, postage and import costs to the EU/UK mean costs increase substantially. We are pleased to have worked with Charlie in order to be able to resell these at a reduced total cost for you compared with having to buy direct.

Apart from providing the functionality of both the earlier 2C158E/184 ULA (without back porch) and the 2C210E (with back porch), the vLA81 also has a few extras added.

For full details please see Charlie’s site here: vdrivezx.com/vla81/

2 in stock (can be backordered)