Vishay Axial Electrolytic Capactitor SET for 128K Toastrack


Full set of Vishay axial electrolytic aluminium capacitors for the 128K ‘Toastrack’ Spectrum

High quality Vishay capacitors that will last for many years.

Axial capacitors are the same format as the originals with a wire at each end.

Set contains capacitors

  • 3 x 1uf 63v
  • 1 x 4.7uf 63v
  • 4 x 22uf 25v
  • 3 x 47uf 25v
  • 3 x 100uf 25v

Suitable for 128K Toastrack (UK version) models ONLY.

NOT suitable for 16/48K models or other 128K models (+2, +3)