Refurb Component Kit (128K Toastrack motherboards)


Refurbishment kit including the components needed for a standard refurbishment (128K Toastrack motherboards only)


  • 1 x Vishay Axial capacitor set (of 14 capacitors)
  • 1 x ULA heatsink (with adhesive thermal tape)
  • 1 x Case screw set. New compatible flat head self-tappers
  • 2 x Isopropyl Alcohol wipes

Capacitor Set: 3 x 1uf, 1 x 4.7uf, 4 x 22uf, 3 x 47uf, 3 x 100uf. High quality Vishay capacitors that will last for many years. Axial capacitors are the same format as the originals with a wire at each end. Suitable for 128K Toastrack models ONLY. NOT suitable for 48K models or other 128K models (+2, +3)

ULA heatsink: Heatsink for ULA with thermal compound adhesive already fixed and ready to be installed.

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