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vDrive QL – Microdrive Hardware Emulator


vDrive QL – Microdrive Hardware Emulator delivers hardware emulation for up to eight Microdrives and includes a comprehensive toolkit for managing Microdrive cartridge images which are stored on SD Card. The vDriveQL simply connects to your QL’s external Microdrive bus and is accessed with the usual Microdrive commands.A 3D printed case is available (as an option) to house the vDriveQL or otherwise a standard ZX Microdrive case case also be used (check out the installation manual vDriveQL Hardware Installation).

The SD Card file system implementation is DOS based and is compatible with systems which can read or write to FAT16 or FAT32 media. The vDriveQL has been tested with SD Cards having a capacity of up to 32GB.

The vDriveQL adopts the MDV image format. This format is supported by emulators such as Q-emulator and QLAY. In general, images created with these emulators will be compatible with the vDriveQL and vice versa. MDV images can be formatted, saved to, read from and erased by standard QL commands on real QL hardware.

Other formats, such as the mDump archive format, and MDI, are also supported. They are automatically converted to MDV format prior to assigning to a vDrive.

As well as the standard 128K QL hardware with either the JM, JS or Minerva 1.97/1.98 ROM, the vDrive QL has also been tested on the following:

Miracle Systems Gold Card (including Tetroid’s clone)

Miracle Systems Super Gold Card

512K memory expansion cards

QL Trump Card (including clones)

vMapQL Microdrive Address Translator

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VR177X – WD1770/WD1772/VL1772 replacement


VR177X – WD1770/WD1772/VL1772 replacement – designed to be a modern replacement for the original WD1770, WD1772 & VL1772 floppy drive controller.

The VR177X is a modern plugin replacement for the WD1770/WD1772/VL1772 floppy dirve controller.

VR177X Features include:

– Plugin replacement.
– Low profile 28 pin DIL footprint.
– Provides the same functionality as the original WD1770/WD1772/VL1772.
– Auto switching between 8MHz and 16MHz operation.
– Full 5V TTL IO interface.
– Low power consumption.

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Astec UM1233 UHF modulator Channel 36


Astec UM1233 UHF modulator Channel 36.

This analogue modulator is used in many 1980s computers.

These are new and unused manufactured around 1987.

Direct replacement for the Rubber Key ZX Spectrum  16/48k

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MiSTer Analog IO Board v6.1


The MiSTer FPGA Analog io board v6.1 includes the following useful features a VGA (DB15) connector allowing for the output of a VGA/RGB /YPbPr signal depending on the cable being used, a 3.5mm audio jack with Mini-TOSLINK providing analog audio output and digital audio output, a secondary microD card slot the functionality depends upon the core being used, a fan speed control providing a 3.3 volt / 5 volt selector jumper, a status LED control jumper allowing switching on or off the built in LEDs, a Sync-on-Green switch, three status LEDs (red, yellow, green), three large push buttons providing system reset, on screen display menu and game reset, an expansion connector in the form of a USB 3.0 connector however this is not for standard USB devices. ALL OUR MiSTer BOARDS COME WITH A LIFETIME WARRANTY!

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MiSTer SDRAM XS-DS v3.0 128MB Module


All the MiSTer SDRAM XS-DS v3.0 128MB Module’s shown here have been built, cleaned and tested to make sure they outperform the (currently 126MHz) fastest ram speed required by any of the current cores.

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MiSTer Digital IO Board v1.2


Fully assembled MiSTer FPGA Digital 10 Board v1.2 please select required Fan option to see pricing.

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MiSTer Laggy Display Lag Tester


The MiSTer Laggy is a display lag tester created for evaluating display responsiveness. Specifically designed for use with the MiSTer FPGA, and you MUST have either an analog or digital IO board featuring a User Port. ALL OUR MiSTer BOARDS COME WITH A LIFETIME WARRANTY!

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MiSTer FPGA USB Hub v2.1


The MiSTer FPGA USB Hub v2.1 board provides 7 USB ports for the Terasic DE10-Nano FPGA Board, If you need to connect multiple USB devices this is a very useful add-on board – offering a neat minimalist connection solution via the provided Micro USB Bracket Connector which connects directly into the header installed on the USB hub board and then via the right angled gold plated micro USB connector into the DE10 Nano board. A power splitter cable is also included along with four brass hex stand-offs.

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